Aerial View of Seif Palace and Kuwait City

Source: Center for Research and Studies on Kuwait – website

The new Seif Palace is an exquisite example of Islamic architecture, with elements adapted to the Kuwaiti architectural environment. This palace —includes three components: the Amiri Diwan, the Crown Prince’s Diwan and centers for public utilities. Construction work started in 1988, stopped duringthe Iraqi occupation in August 1990, and resumed after liberation in August 1992. The overall area of the palace is 450,000 m2 including a dock for VIP yachts, a landing field for helicopters and an artificial lake unaffected by tides and equipped with means of permanent water circulation. The new SeifPalace is an extension of the old one built between 1907-1908 by SheikhMubarak Al-Sabah – the seventh ruler of Kuwait – to be the official palace of the State. In 1910, a new wing was built on the western side, and in 1919 stairs and entrances were added as well as a facade bearing the immortalphrase: “If others were able to hold reign forever, it would not have reached you “. The palace still retains its distinguishing features as an architectural masterpiece, and has become a shrine of Kuwait’s history and memories since the beginning of the twentieth century.


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