Msheireb, Downtown Doha

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Description of the project from their site:

Msheireb Properties’ flagship project, Msheireb, will regenerate and preserve the historical downtown of Doha.

A QR20 billion development, it will revive the old commercial heart of the city through a new architectural language that is based on community living, across a 31 hectare (76 acre) site.

The Msheireb project will blend traditional Qatari heritage and aesthetics with modern technology, and focus on sustainability and harmony with the environment.

The aim of the project is to bring people back to their roots – to make Doha unique and rediscover a sense of community and togetherness.

It represents the vision of Msheireb Properties’ chairperson Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser: to create built environments that reflect the culture and aspirations of the people of Qatar.

The mixed-use development will comprise more than 100 buildings, with a combination of commercial and residential properties, retail, cultural and entertainment areas. The first phase, referred to as the ‘Diwan Amiri Quarter’, currently under construction, features three major government buildings, heritage sites, a museum, cultural forum, National Archive and Eid Prayer Ground.

Msheireb Properties partnered with industry leaders and experts in order to align the architectural lessons of the past with the latest in eco-friendly technologies – to realise an architectural language that is relevant, enriching and truly Qatari.

The new language will be used to create buildings of a shared DNA, reviving local heritage and culture through a unified architectural idiom. The Msheireb project can be summarised in one phrase: ‘rooted in the past while looking to the future’.

Sustainability is central to the Msheireb project, in terms of both the conservation of natural resources and the quality of its design.

All buildings within the development will target an average Gold rating under the internationally recognised LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system developed by the US Green Building Council, while several buildings will aim for a Platinum rating.

The entire project features sustainable design that consumes fewer resources, generates less waste, costs less to operate, and achieves a reduced carbon footprint.

The Msheireb project’s aesthetic influences are derived from traditional Qatari architecture and prioritise proportion, simplicity, space, light, layering, and management of the local climate.

The overall strategic objective of the Msheireb project is to reverse the pattern of real estate development in Doha in recent years, which has tended to encourage isolated and energy-intensive land use, urban sprawl, and an over-reliance on car transport.

On completion, Msheireb will be an iconic landmark in Doha – a globally recognisable community where people live, work and thrive.


Construction Updates
Construction Updates on Phase 1A, retrieved from their official website on Oct. 3rd, 2013 – for other phases, visit

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