Kuwait in Postcards, by Ali Gholoum Ali Rais

Rais, Ali Gholoum Ali, Kuwait in Postcards. Kuwait: Center for Research and Studies on Kuwait, 2009.

Book available for purchase at the bookstore of the Center for Research and Studies on Kuwait in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Description from the publisher’s website:

The postcards in this album unearth true-to-life situations, and recapitulate Kuwait’s history during many decades extending from the 1920s till the 1970s, the decades which preceded and corresponded the gushing out of oil and its consequences. It is worthy of note that the book also includes and presents for the first time an extensive fascinating collection of photos which document a part of Kuwait’s heritage during those decades and therefore, it paves the way for the new and the coming generations to witness old Kuwait before the discovery of oil and the revolution that took place after its gushing out.

No of Pages: 908
Published : 2009 1st Edition
Language: English, Arabic and French
ISBN No : 8-04-94-99906-978

Some content from the book:

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